As a courtesy to you, Chilton Family Medicine will file your insurance claim for you.   Please verify that our receptionist has all of your correct information on file when you sign in, along with any referrals that may be required by your insurance company. 

Please remember that certain insurance policies require pre-certification and/or second opinions for some tests, so check with your insurance company to confirm their policies.

Please be prepared to pay any co-pay and/or deductibles required by your insurance company at the time of service.  These can not be billed to you.

After your insurance company responds to your claim, you will be billed for any balance due on your account.  We accept Visa and Master Card as well as personal checks.  Cash is also accepted as a method of payment at the time of service.  Please do not mail cash. 

If you are unable to pay your account in full, please contact our office to discuss payment arrangements. 

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